We are a feminist organization dedicated to positively affecting societal attitudes in order to end sexual violence, by offering a creative range of services.

We recognize that sexual violence is a community issue - not solely a women's issue - and therefore strive to develop a strong community response.

We honour the experience of survivors, and include their voice in the creation of services. 

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Sexual assault is any form of sexual contact with another person, without her/his voluntary consent (e.g., kissing, sexual touching, oral sex, and/or vaginal or anal intercourse). Sexual assault is not about a loss of control over sexual urges - it is an act of power and control.

Many people mistakenly think that:

* rape (forced sexual intercourse) is the only type of sexual assault;

* a violent attack is always part of a sexual assault; and/or,

* injuries result in every instance of sexual assault.

In some cases, however, no physical violence is used, and no injuries occur. Someone may, instead, be pressured or threatened into participating in a sexual act that s/he doesn't want to do.

Sexual assault in any form, though, is against the law.

Sources: Criminal Code of Canada (2008) and Ontario Women's Directorate (2007) 


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The Stage One SAIL Workshop Series will begin Thurs. Sept. 11 at 6 pm in our Bracebridge Office.  The workshops are free for women survivors of sexual assault - you will not be asked to discuss personal information.  Come and hear about how common sexual assault is, and learn ways to assist yourself with impacts of trauma and becoming more resilient.  Call Linda Clarke at 705 646-2122 to register.

A workshop for service providers on Kanawayhitowin, an Aboriginal approach to the issue of violence against women, is being held on Tuesday Sept. 30 at the Log Cabin Inn, Parry Sound.  Contact Doris Potts-Zyganiuk to register, at 705 774-9083.

We will be holding a Kanawayhitowin Survivors' Retreat October 14-16, 2014 at Enaahtig Healing Lodge and Learning Centre.  Go to the events page for more information.


Muskoka/Parry Sound Coordinated Sexual Assault Services celebrated it's 20th year of operation in 2013. To find out more information about our agency's activities since its beginnings in 1993, please take a look at our HERSTORY document.

Funding for our programs is provided in part by the Government of Ontario.  Views expressed on our website, other publications and our social media are those of our agency staff and do not necessarily reflect those of the Province.


In March 2013, the Canadian Women's Foundation published a detailed fact sheet (Moving Women Out of Violence) to address commonly-asked questions on violence against women. The fact sheet can be found at:


Call the Women's Sexual Assault Help Line for confidential support:
Child sexual abuse can (and does) occur in all types of families. (Committee Against Rape and Sexual Assault, 1985)

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