• “Sexual assault” is an act of power and control.
  • “Sexual assault” is a crime and a violation of human rights.
  • All people who have been sexually assaulted have the right to receive information and support, in order to make informed choices.
  • Some groups have more barriers and face more oppression than others, thereby preventing them from full participation in society.
  • Respecting diversity, and recognizing the values and strengths of different communities, is necessary for the planning and implementation of services.  
  • Women have the power and the right to make their own choices with respect to their bodies, minds, and spirits.  This helps to ensure that each woman can live to her fullest potential.
  • Women and children who experience violence are among the most vulnerable people in society, and are entitled to societal support and understanding.
  • The participation of sexual assault survivors is essential in the development and implementation of agency services.
  • It is important to provide appropriate support to agency staff and volunteers, and to recognize the serious impact of vicarious trauma often experienced as a result of working with trauma survivors.
  • By working from feminist principles of decision making - including working cooperatively and in non-violent ways – the agency can demonstrate an alternative organizational structure which could be modelled elsewhere in society.
  • Sexual abusers must be held accountable by society and the legal system.
Call the Women's Sexual Assault Help Line for confidential support:
54% of girls under the age of 16 have experienced some form of unwanted sexual attention. 24% have experienced rape or coercive sex, and 17% have experienced incest. (Holmes, J. and Silverman, E.L., 1992; Russell, et. al., 1996; METRAC, 2007)
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