The "Dating Violence" prevention and awareness program has two components:

1. "Bar Patrol" Program (in the summer months - when funding is available)

2. "Peer Support Worker" Training Program (in high schools in Muskoka and Parry Sound)

Peer Support Worker Training Program and Youth Outreach Peer Support Worker Training Program and Youth Outreach
Studies have shown that it is far more likely that teens will speak to a friend before a turning to a parent, teacher, or school guidance counsellor.

By providing peer support and advocacy, more teens in our community are better equipped to deal with disclosures and intervention regarding incidents of date rape (and other forms of dating violence).

The goals of our prevention and advocacy youth projects are to seek behavioural changes and to increase the likelihood that students will intervene in situations of dating violence.

Date-Rape Drugs
Date-rape drugs are sedating substances that can temporarily affect a person's ability to remain awake and conscious. To learn more, click on the title above.

Safety Plan
Do you need to leave a harmful relationship? Here's how to do it safely. To view or download the PDF document, click on the title above.

Call the Women's Sexual Assault Help Line for confidential support:
Child sexual abuse does not usually involve physical violence. Because children are generally trusting, violence is not needed to get them to co-operate. (Committee Against Rape and Sexual Assault, 1985)
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Erasing Your INTERNET Tracks
Follow these steps to reduce the chances of your internet tracks being followed ...
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