Counselling Services

Women can refer themselves for counselling or therapy by calling either the Parry Sound or Muskoka office. All services are free of charge, and are provided on a face-to-face basis unless otherwise arranged.

Information and support may also be offered for the partners, families, and friends of sexual assault survivors, as required.

Crisis Support and Short-Term Counselling:
MPSSAS offers crisis support and short-term counselling to provide immediate intervention, information on coping strategies, and referrals to other services. An appointment can usually be arranged within 5-10 business days.

Depending on demand, waiting lists may exist for the SAIL programs. If this occurs, MPSSAS offers a variety of services in addition to the crisis support and short-term counselling described about. This includes: the provision of information that may be obtained in person or through the mail; access to lending libraries in both the Muskoka and Parry Sound offices; participation in women's drop-in programs (South River, Parry Sound, Bracebridge, and Huntsville); and, support and referral via telephone.  Typically the SAIL 1 program is available at 3 points in the year - September, January and May.  Survivors seeking to take this 3 workshop series will not wait more than a few months.

Women’s Sexual Assault Help Line:
This help line provides 24-hour-a-day support and referral services. It is free, safe, and confidential, and staffed by trained women who provide support from an empowerment-based, non-judgmental approach which recognizes and respects the strength of individual women.   You will call an answering service, who puts you in touch with our worker within minutes.


 MPSSAS provides supportive, trauma informed feminist counselling and therapy services that are confidential, non-judgmental, and client-centered. Counselling is available to women who have experienced sexual violence, regardless of whether or not they choose to report this abuse to the police. Issues that may be addressed during counselling and therapy sessions include:


  • childhood sexual abuse 

  • historical and recent sexual assault

  • acquaintance and date rape

  • sexual harassment 

  • sexual assault of another (e.g. your child)

  • impacts of trauma



Call the Women's Sexual Assualt Help Line for confidential support. 

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